What is Chainswap?

Chainswap is an advance decentralized exchange,used
to swap Ethereum Erc-20 and Binance Bep-20 Tokens.


How Does ChainSwap work?

Chainswap is an Automated market maker exchange that operates in
decentralized way and allow a peer to peer swapping without a central
authority. this give all users the power to be in control of their tokens at
all time.

How much does it cost to list a token on chainswap?

listing of token on chainswap exchange is free,
chainswap team will never ask you to pay for listing.

How do I use Chainswap Profitably?

You can use Chainswap in different way and earn massive reward while you are having funs.
• As an Exchanger, You can use chainswap exchange to swap different tokens from both Erc-20 & Bep-20.
• As a Farmer, You can farm chainswap token (Cswap) more than ten tokens will soon be availabe to farm.
• As a Liquidity provider 10% of total supply of Cswap was set aside to reward liquity providers on sushiswap
exchange, so you can also earn more reward by providing liquidity to cswap/Eth on Sushiswap and
chainswap exchanges.

What is Chains?

Chainswap is a Governance Token of Cswap built on ERC-20,with the maximum supply of 100,000 Cswap.
It can be use to provide liquidity and will also be use as based token for swap on chainswap exchange.

How do I earn chainswap token?

The easiest Ways to earn chainswap are
by providing liquidity to CHAINS/BNB on Sushiswap and share from 10% total supply of chainswap.
Staking you can also earn a whopping 250% APY just by staking your chainswap(testnet)

Tokenomics And Sale

• Circulating Supply

20,000 Cswap

• Total Supply

100,000 Cswap

• Maximum Supply

100,000 Cswap


100 ETH

• Pre-sale

1 ETH = 200 CSWAP

• Contract Address

0xF36F82a4 2Ca34bfff60 DACbb1cEa3f7 659E5aC48




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